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Push Advertising Will Die

I only occasionally feel a need to write about larger subject-matter, but given the recent uptake of websites crying about my use of AdBlock Plus, I feel it necessary to add my two cents.

The current tag-oriented, push/injection advertising is dead. Not because the ads themselves are annoying (although some are), but because it has become an attack vector for Internet security threats, including ransomware. It’s also somewhat disconcerting to do a Google search on some product or type of product and for the next week get inundated with ads for the same thing. I’m pretty sure that if I search for something, I don’t need results three days later.

This led me to think about how advertising could work outside of these parameters and here’s my take.

  • Advertising will begin to be vetted for safety and accuracy. Not sure if this will happen by third parties, social-networks, or some other entity, but I think it’s an important enough task that it will happen. If I see an ad vetted by some legitimate organization, I might be inclined to click on it.
  • Advertising will become highly targeted with trackless view capability. Meaning, I can search, find, view, but no one will know what I’m looking at unless I actually click through to the product or service.
  • Rampant displays of advertising will become the thing of the past. No one wants it and we have the ability to block it.
  • High quality content websites will add pay-walls, similar to the Washington Post, New York Times, and others. We can cry about this, but I pay for the Post and will probably pony up and pay for the Times and other sites. I might even pay for SI or ESPN, but only if they change their models to offer better content, less crap, and certainly less drama.

And of course someone that comes out with a platform for trackless-view-only advertising just might make a buck.

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