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This blog will be about technology and business. I have twenty-four years experience in the computer industry, more than half of that working in the Chicago area with a lot of big companies. Firms like Accenture, Sara Lee, Chase, BP-Amoco, Cargill Financial, and GATX Rail. I’ve also worked at a few medium-sized business, and a handful of smaller shops.

I’ve also worked directly for some of these companies while others I worked at as a consultant. I’ve worked as a consultant for firms like Avanade, but most of my consulting has been as an independent, mostly through staffing firms.

In the first half of my career, I worked on DEC equipment like PDP-11’s, VAX’s and similar systems. In the mid-90’s I started working on PC’s and became entrenched in the Microsoft technology world.

The first few entries are about my last customer, who may or may not remain nameless. I’ll let my attorney decide on whether I can actually name them or if I should. The goal is to write stories (good or bad), but retain an ethical standard.

Fee free to comment and share your thoughts.


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